28 August 2021 Ethical Investing

Why impact investing may be the future of capitalism!

Just before the end of the difficult year that was 2020, the world’s largest investor quietly allocated nearly $3 billion to gender lens investing. This move by the Japanese Pension…
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20 August 2021 New Elders

Did we abandon vulnerable old people to COVID?

Political leaders and academics all across Europe believe we have failed to protect our elderly from the Coronavirus pandemic.. An investigation by Lark Rise co-founder Bill Taylor uncovered the “silent…
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3 August 2021 Ethical Investing

How impact investing helps advance gender equality

It’s not just a question of giving money or making investments. It’s time for us all to examine our work through a gender lens. Long ago, in simpler times when…
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23 June 2021 New Elders

Revealing the new world of activist ‘elders’

A few days before the COVID-19 lockdown began, I discovered a small group of activist “elders” who seemed a world away from the dominant pandemic image of helpless old people…
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23 May 2021 New Elders

How baby boomers can keep the Sixties flame alive

Is the torch still burning? Nearly sixty years ago, Senator John F. Kennedy made an overnight stop at the University of Michigan during the presidential campaign that would take him to…
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7 April 2021 Leadership

Give your brain a break and imagine a whole new future

Imagine this scenario: fictional but not at all improbable. A scandal in your global organisation has become public and is destroying trust among customers and supporters everywhere. Income has collapsed.…
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14 November 2020 Future Living

Searching for wisdom in an age of fear and anxiety

Two books arrived on my doorstep on the same day recently: Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright and The New Leadership Literacies by Bob Johansen. In very different ways, both…
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14 November 2020 Leadership

Why we need ‘soul’ in the boardrooms of big business

Somewhere in his storeroom of ideas, Richard Olivier keeps a bag of words that can still send a frisson of anxiety around the boardrooms of Western corporations … words like…
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12 November 2020 Inspirations

Why Lark Rise? A song of hope in a post-COVID world

Ralph Vaughan-Williams composed The Lark Ascending at the start of World War I, but the full orchestral version was not performed until 1921, by which time many millions of people…
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